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tom akel is a producer, writer, game designer, teacher, programmer, and enthusiast of aforementioned dorkery. you can follow him on the twitter @tomakel


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Clark Kent’s Facebook “Look Back” video, courtesy of Lex.

This was warrenellis' secret birthday gift to me.  


Cyber Force Kickstarter hardcovers arrived today!

Just got this in the mail this week.  Psyched.

We’ve spent some considerable time and effort redefining our men’s blog, MTV Clutch.  This video is the first in a new series on dating advice.  Take it seriously.

See full video here!

I’ll be speaking at New York Comic Con with Stan Lee on Oct. 14th. It will probably be the last time I’m ever permitted to speak in public so be sure not to miss it.


print ad for MTV GEEK ’s NYCC stuff. really digging the blue and black bic pen look now a days. plus digging the QR code comic.

Another tease of an upcoming project, Army of the Cheese People.  This one in collaboration with Rob Feldman, all around swell guy and uber-talented animator and voice actor.  The concept was created during an IM conversation that started with “corn doesn’t digest well.”

A page from a not quite abandoned project I fully intend to get back up and running this year.  4 issues of the comic are complete.  Art by Brandon Palas.  This one may require a kickstarter campaign to see it through.

Under Construction

I saw an “under construction” note on the site of a designer I have great respect for.  But is there such a thing as a website that’s not perpetually ‘under construction’ anymore?  (thinking of renaming my blog this…or “beta”)

While in LA to work on our new project I told Stan what I thought of the Fantastic Four movies

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